what will you create? 

let's find out

creating not fixing. transformative coaching.

finding out, sharing with your loved ones, moving through treatment, practical aspects such as how to lose your hair gracefully, living as a survivor, and re-entry to the workplace



role and career moves within & outside of corporate, operating in multicultural & global environment, moving & living as expats, raising multiples, shifting to entrepreneur 

thriving through transitions


finding peace within a challenging work environment, examining and assessing your values to shift perspectives and make decisions, becoming your own advocate, developing a spiritual practice to reconnect with your inner guidance system.

trusting your intuition


balancing your relationships in a way that works for all, developing routines to thrive & succeed, 'being there' for your family, identifying your values to drive decision making and remove guilt, making time for yourself.






consider that you're

not a problem to be fixed.

that you are perfect,

exactly as you are.

that your dreams

are not only valid,

they are obtainable.

space for you



what if you were given time - 

in a space without judgement - 

to voice your dreams?

what if you were asked

the question...

what if? 

photo by Heather Hanson

bringing dreams



dreams live through action.

voicing your dream

is the first step.

then you make a plan,

breaking everything down

into small,




photo by Heather Hanson

1:1 coaching

let's first understand where you are and where you want to be. then we can break the journey down into bite-size pieces. together we will:

  • build a transition map that allows you to navigate with ease,

  • develop tools that provide comfort on your journey,

  • provide a space of allowing where you are free to voice your fears, desires, and ultimately, your truth.

our goal? always being able to find freedom, even in what may seem to be the most chaotic of circumstances

let's do this. 


group coaching

learning can be better in a group! 

have a few friends or a club and would like some assistance in uncovering your dreams and building a map to reach them? 

I can help! we will identify your imagined future, and jointly work to create your personal roadmaps to get you where you want to be. 

working in a shared safe space can be truly inspirational as ideas feed on each other and you uncover truths together. 

know where you want to be but need a boost? 

my personalized coaching aids or expertise in methods and tools can get you on your way. 

personalized coaching aids

many times, tangible aids supported by defined processes can help you stay on track. once you have set where you want to go, let's create: 

  • wall size journey map for motivation

  • your goal printed on a custom painting 

  • customized task boards for on the go focus 

  • colorful infographics with your timeline

and more! 

methods & tools

know where you want to be, but need assistance in the 'how?' I can help. as a professional project manager, digital marketer, and change leader from a fortune 500 company, I am well versed in the strategies, tools and processes needed to move a project forward. I am expert in finding patterns and developing roadmaps to get you there. 

photo by Heather Hanson