it starts with people

...cracking the code on organic collaboration...



embracing curiosity everywhere ?

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building a culture of curiosity.

rewarding inquisitiveness and reflective listening. 

shifting mindset towards openness. 

leading with heart and compassion.

creating a safe space for people to be... people.




it all starts with people. 

company culture is the prime mover to your experience. 




and your experience will only be as healthy as the people who have produced it. 

photo by Heather Hanson


working from concrete methods, using tools founded in heart-centered principles, tied to tangible solutions designed to build people up so they can bring their best to whatever function, role, or responsibility they have in your business.


heart-centered everything.

the key to thriving cultures, engaged employees, and loyal customers. 

happy people.

what will you see?

results in your bottom line.

your customers will know, at an instinctual level, that your brand, your products and services were designed, developed and distributed by a culture of people who care. 

areas of expertise


employee experience


coaching cultures


compassionate leadership


growth mindset

I have solutions to fit your needs

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understanding organizational maturity in four key areas will help you gain perspective on your employee experience:

  • strategy & leadership

  • capabilities: skills, tools & know-how

  • internal consumer connectedness

  • people engagement & culture

let's work together using my proven process to identify, measure and build on areas important to your business. 


build a firm foundation with my framework, and get the guardrails necessary to make next-best-step  decisions.

elements include: 

  • personas & jobs to be done

  • research & connecting with employees

  • journey mapping & analysis

  • quantifying employee experience value

  • building roadmaps & prioritization quadrants

  • deploying heart-centered experience methods to deliver solutions

  • creating sustainable ways to guide efforts

photo by Heather Hanson

photo by Heather Hanson


people learn best when provided context, working with a scenario in which they can immediately apply learnings. I will work with you to identify digestible, relevant content, tied to your experience maturity, guided by a learning strategy and pulled from my custom curriculum to support specific capabilities.


this solid approach allows you to fast-track learning, and anchored in key elements:


  • strategy and curriculum tied to maturity to target specific areas

  • employee/customer proximity and impact determine 'who'

  • delivery in context to ensure retention

  • 'bite-size' courses 


crossing your fingers and hoping mindset shift just happens is not a winning strategy.

of course you can't force the shift, but you can deliberately create and cultivate an environment that allows for different perspectives, rewards curiosity, models compassion, and practices mindfulness. 


in short: a coaching culture. 


my professional coaching education, combined with my 20+ years as a corporate change agent can help you design and deliver a right-size approach to effective mindset shifts and cultural change.

photo by Heather Hanson