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my philosophy: heart-centered everything

i've found that everything in life must begin and end with heart.  

especially business. 

whether you're designing a product, delivering a service, engaging in a conversation with colleagues, building a relationship with your customer.

the journey must start from your heart, because ultimately, you're building

connection with others.  

we all want to be seen. acknowledged. appreciated. valued.


an invitation

to work with me

on designing cultures that thrive. 

where barriers are removed.

where everyone is known and valued. 

where collaboration flows as an inevitable consequence of the compassionate environment you have created. 

how do we do this?

heart-centered everything.

the key to thriving cultures, engaged employees, and loyal customers. 

happy people.

what will you see?

areas of expertise


designing employee experiences that empower people


building coaching cultures that make room for authenticity, empathy and sharing


teaching compassionate leadership to support sustainable, thriving cultures


fueling a growth mindset: a willing, open perspective with a fierce desire to learn and continually be better

solutions that fit

measuring employee experience maturity

understanding organizational maturity in four key areas will help you gain perspective on your employee experience:

  • strategy & leadership

  • capabilities: skills, tools & know-how

  • internal consumer connectedness

  • people engagement & culture

let's work together using my proven process to identify, measure and build on areas important to your business culture and experience. 

learning & developing

people learn best when provided context, working within a scenario in which they can immediately apply learnings. i will work with you to identify digestible, relevant content, tied to your experience maturity and pulled from my custom curriculum to support specific capabilities. this approach allows you to fast-track the learning, as the content can be immediately applied. we will leverage a learning strategy to guide your organization's needs to ensure we know where we're going. three key elements anchor this approach:

  • strategy and curriculum tied to maturity and targeting specific areas

  • employee/customer proximity and impact to determine the 'who'

  • delivery of 'bite-size' content in context to ensure retention,

  • distribution via 'best-fit' channels 

building the foundation

a firm foundation is needed to move forward, and my framework will provide the guardrails necessary for you to make decisions on your next best step.

elements of this framework include: 

  • personas & jobs to be done

  • research & connecting with employees

  • journey mapping & analysis

  • quantifying employee experience value

  • building roadmaps & prioritization quadrants

  • developing lean canvases

  • deploying heart-centered experience methods to deliver solutions

  • creating sustainable governance bodies to guide efforts

creating a thriving culture

crossing your fingers and hoping mindset shift just happens is not a winning strategy. of course you cannot force that shift, but you can deliberately create and cultivate an environment that allows for, and in fact encourages, different perspectives, rewards curiosity, models compassion, and practices mindfulness. a culture where asking questions is the norm, and reflective listening is routinely employed.  where you focus on and appreciate the good things, and start from there. 


in short: a coaching culture. 


my professional coaching education, combined with my 20+ years as a corporate change agent can help you design and deliver a right-size approach to effective mindset shifts and cultural change.

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please feel free to send me a note on anything you would like, and i will get back to you as soon as soon as possible.  


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