an expressive art practice

another way to grow.

experience your self


a different way to meet your self

Welcome to SoulCollage® and an intense way of meeting your Self.  In this expressive art practice, we will reach deep within our knowing, intuitively select images that call to us and then create unique cards for each aspect of personality we are guided to meet. 

Once created, we learn about that aspect through guided meditation and then journaling the response. 

get ready to experience self forgiveness. compassion. grace. love. 

on a whole new level.

two ways to experience

your Self is waiting

introduction to soulcollage®

coming home to you.

In this introductory program, we will: 

  • cover a brief history of SoulCollage®

  • discuss what it is, how it works

  • hands-on creation of cards and voicing of the images

  • guided meditation and journaling

  • sharing and connecting with others

I will provide the images, the cards, the glue and the scissors. You provide the willingness and the open heart.

SoulCollage® is a life-changing experience, and one that you can come to again and again. 

it's quick. it's illuminating. 

it's You.

now offered in half-day experiences of three hours. 

diving deep 

themed workshops

exploring our selves through different lenses

During these focused workshops, we will leverage the SoulCollage® practice to dive deep into specific topics. You do not need to have completed the introductory workshop, but it is helpful.

Sample topics include:

  • burnout

  • masks we wear and how they show up

  • cancer survivorship: now what?

  • integrating work/life

  • gratitude

  • forgiveness

  • self-compassion




let's do this. 

yes, you can.