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not your average training

where your creativity meets your curiosity. 

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how it works. in a nutshell.


what it is

four courses, taken in sequence, each delivered via an innovative combination of coaching and creativity. we build a philosophy, a way of being in the world using self-directed inquiry and the development of a judgment-free creativity practice you can use anywhere.


what you learn

how to:

  • paint & mix color

  • work in layered mixed media

  • work practically with tools such as meditation and critical inquiry.

  • apply business tools to your daily life and expand your thinking

  • make room for your creative practice & keep yourself on track


who's it for?

you don't have to be an artist. 

you just need a willingness and desire to go an adventure of self-discovery. 

all are welcome! 


how you get it

live in-person workshops delivered at my studio in
Asheville, NC.

I will provide the supplies and the food.  You provide an open heart, mind and willingness to see things differently. 

online and virtual workshops coming soon! 

join me on a journey of limitless possibility where we leave behind fear of the unknown, release the past and allow for the infinite potential stretching out in front of us. 

it starts here. it starts now. 


In this first class we begin waking up and saying "Yes!" to embarking on a journey of self-discovery. 

I will teach you how to use tools such as self-directed inquiry, the enneagram, collaging, meditation and visualization in practical, purposeful and portable ways. 


In four sections I will guide you through: 

...identifying what matters to you and how that drives your everyday decision making

...uncover what's stopping you from living a congruent life 

...exploring who you could be if nothing was standing in your way

...meeting your potential as your True Self

My promise? 


You will leave here with the skills required to continue your transformation journey in your everyday life,  even outside of the classroom, in any situation. 

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Life is not paint by numbers, and coloring in the lines is no fun.

So let's let that go, shall we?

In this second course, with just four paint colors, a brush, and a canvas you will experience the shift in mindset  necessary to claim your freedom, and will support you in releasing all the ways you hold yourself back. Your limiting beliefs, assumptions you didn't even know you had, will disappear. 


I will guide you through

...learning a simple 4-step personal painting practice you can do anywhere

...learning how to mix colors

...working with symbols and how they can support you 

...producing your first painting

...learning a "minimum viable product" mindset you can leverage in everyday life

By removing the dual friction of "I don't know how to paint" and "I don't have the right tools," you can focus on the business of getting yourself free. 

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In this third class you will use your personal painting practice  to learn a surprising way to detach from expectations, release a product-driven mindset, and claim possibility.


What does that mean exactly?


By letting go of your reliance on past outcomes to be the predictor of future events, you begin reframing your belief system to allow for something new to occur. 

We will stretch your imagination, increase your risk-taking tolerance and give you permission to ask "what could happen if..." 

Releasing judgement, reliance on external standards, others' best practices, and curated historical data, allows you to experience a freedom which can only come when you embrace the unknown and come to Know your Self.

We will use a "do-over" method with paint, canvases, "just-in-time" planning and permission to make this happen.

And yes, we can. You can. 


Cool, huh? 

Let's do it. 

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Now that we know we are the creators of our lives, what next? 

What do we want?

Who will we allow ourselves to be now that we are free?


Free of our limiting beliefs.

Free of someone else's idea of who we should be. 

Free from our own guilt, self-recrimination. Doubt.


Each moment is a chance to begin again. Our creation is ongoing, showing up in each decision we make of how we meet any situation, any relationship.


We create our lives through the choices we make, bit by bit. Step by step. 


Now the question is:  what will you create?

In this final course we weave together all we have learned into one final canvas and journey map to honor our new beginning.


A tangible reminder of the Truth of You with guide posts to support you.

We have landed on the shore of our Reclaimed Sovereignty. 

Welcome home! 

follow your golden thread home.

i am the boss of me.