what will you create? 

let's find out

my philosophy: coaching is creating

coaching is a creation conversation.

it's not a fixing conversation.

it's about giving you the space you need to re-discover your Truth, with powerful questions and reflective listening, designed to uncover what has been there all along. 

it would be a privilege to escort you on this journey without distance, and return you to the

Truth of You. 

what will you create? 

let's find out.

areas of expertise


finding out, sharing with your partner & children, moving through treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery, practical aspects such as how to lose your hair gracefully, living as a survivor and all that entails, including re-entry to the workplace


career and life transitions

 executive moves in corporate environment, operating in multicultural global company, transplanting family & living as expats, raising multiples, shifting work/role/company from a value-based perspective


living within a challenging corporate culture,  examining and assessing your values to shift perspective and make decisions, becoming your own advocate, developing a spiritual practice, connecting through art


integrating work-life

balancing your relationships in a way that works for all, developing routines to thrive and succeed, reflective listening and 'being there' for your family, identifying your values to drive decision making and remove guilt, making time for yourself

navigating breast cancer

finding peace where you are

products & services

1:1 Coaching

life is transition, and the space between where you were and where you're going is the present moment. embracing that space, the present, is key to your peace of mind.

let's work together to:

  • build a journey map that allows you to navigate with ease,

  • develop tools that provide you comfort on your journey,

  • provide you a space of allowing where you are free to voice your fears, desires, and ultimately, your truth

  • cultivating your internal garden, a place of peace available to you at any time

our goal? always being able to find freedom, even in what may seem to be the most chaotic of circumstances

methods & tools

know where you want to be, but need assistance in the 'how?' i can help. as a former project manager, digital marketer, and business analyst from a fortune 500 company, i am well versed in the strategies, tools and processes needed to move a project forward. i am expert in finding patterns and developing roadmaps to get you there. 

personalized coaching aids

many times, tangible aids supported by defined processes can help you stay on track. once you have set where you want to go, let's create: 

  • your personal journey mapped and printed (wall size if you like!)  to keep track of where you are. great for stickies, meeting around with your family, and just plain fun! 

  • your "imagined future" statement on downloadable custom paintings i have created from travels and life.

  • customized task boards to keep you on track, developed in an application of your liking with easy access on your mobile device

  • colorful infographics to map your timeline; also fun for hanging on your wall, refrigerator, wherever you need inspiration! 

  • inspiration to carry with you: bookmarks, wallet sized cards with quotes, statements you love

  • coming soon! bags of relief: customized to bring you joy when you need it. filled with scented oils, lotions, tokens, and mini-books on a particular subject you are working with such as forgiveness, perspective, and judgement. 


working directly with a coach over a span of time can help you stay directed and focused. let's prepare a package of sessions customized to fit your needs. choose from 3, 5, 7 or 10 session packages. 

connect with me

i look forward to hearing from you.


please feel free to send me a note on anything you would like, and i will get back to you as soon as soon as possible.  


until i get all of my services set up, this connect form will be the best way to, well, connect. 

Davidson, North Carolina



mobile: +1-980-585-9915


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