new beginning

more than a course. 

it's a philosophy. 

discovering 104:

the fourth in a series

Welcome to the final course in the Break Free four-part series. Having landed on the shores of Sovereignty, we will honor this new dawn by creating a one-of-a kind gorgeous work of art dedicated to You. 

To your Liberation. 

To your Release

To your Joy.

To your Truth.

To your fresh beginning as Sovereign of You.  

four sections in the Discovering curriculum.

a giant work of art. 

dedicated to you. 

the process

the how and the why.

Ahh. we made it. We have landed on the shores of our Sovereignty, and now we will honor our arrival home by combining all of our learnings in a ceremonial artistic ritual,  creating a unique mixed-media piece of art. In this section we will review the activities and steps over the next 1.5 days.


We will: 


  • kick off with a creativity workout and meditation designed to connect ourselves to our work and each other

  • solidify techniques learned in previous classes

  • review the design principles to be used and how we will use them

  • answer any questions

  • get excited! 

yes, you can. here we go. 

grounding your self

laying the foundation

In this second section we will lay the foundation for our mixed-media piece.


We will: 


  • reflect on our affirmation messages we will pour into this work

  • select images from magazines and books to serve as the first layer 

  • create the first layer

what if I knew my needs would be met?


reconnecting to truth and love

In this next section we will affirm our values, what we promise to ourselves and reflect that in our piece as we add the next layers. 

We will

  • infuse our work with the seeds needed to grow

  • use various mixed media techniques to add multiple layers

  • revisit our affirmations and infuse their energy into our work

  • reflect on how we are doing the work needed to create the beauty and love we desire 


These foundational layers will set the tone and energy for the entire piece, and honor the importance of taking the time and space needed to work on "the basics" that so easily get lost in the shuffle of life. 

what if I embraced the unknown?

design as metaphor

layering your creation

In this next section, we will leverage the eight design principles into creating multiple layers in our work. 


We will: 


  • move through each principle, discuss the relationship it has to our lives (for example how Contrast shows up in experiences we have)

  • create an example of each principle in our work (paint, collage, draw, etc.)

  • discuss the ways the principles show up in our lives through experiences, relationships with ourselves and others

  • reflect in our journal

This section takes the most time as each principle must be considered in its fullest from a creative and a curiosity perspective. Taking the time to sit with these is a gift to yourself, and the energy you bring to this gift will be present in the work you are creating. 

Remember, this is ceremony. This process is sacred. 

I am willing. I say Yes.

breaking free

the final touches

You are free. You are Sovereign. You see this beautiful piece you have created from your very own hands. Just for you. 


We will: 

  • reflect on what we have done and the possibilities of more

  • meditate with our creation and explore what it has to share with us

  • add the final touches 

  • commit to next actions and perform a ceremony dedicated to our new beginning




This is just the beginning. 

Welcome home.


the first step in any journey is recognizing the need to take one. here we begin to awaken to an alternate way of looking at the world through practical inquiry and creative exercises.


 here we develop a simple personal painting practice and learn integrative journal techniques to keep us steady in the unknown. 


now we learn how to release our attachment to expectations as all of our ideas of what a “good journey” looks like are jettisoned. we will use our tools to begin calming the seas of our minds by removing our reliance on historical outcomes.


having landed on the shores of sovereignty, we create a new beginning on canvas, weaving in design principles as metaphor for how we will live our new lives  

welcome home. 

you have arrived.