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equipping your

more than a course. 

it's a way of being. 

embarking 102:

the second in a series

Welcome to the second course in the Break Free four-part series. In Embarking, you will work through five sections of learning, each one progressing you through developing a personal painting practice designed to assist you in overcoming your fear of the unknown. 

Trust me. You can do this - no painting skills required. The liberation you will find in overcoming your fear of the blank canvas will catalyze your life in ways you cannot imagine.



five sections in the Embarking curriculum.

anyone can do this.

the process

meeting our tools.

In this first section we will meet the tools and processes we will use to develop the painting practice, and ensure any unnecessary friction in the form of painting knowledge and the "right" materials are removed. 


We will: 


  • review the four-step painting practice

  • meet our materials and learn to mix color

  • align to symbols and how we can use them in our practice (they provide great subjects for painting)


yes, you can. here we go. 

meeting your canvas

the background.

In this second section we will meet our blank canvas, and discuss the importance of just getting things started. 

We will: 


  • examine why it's important to allow ourselves to break the rules, to let go of our striving, to release our desire to produce a product

  • paint the first layer onto our canvas 

  • work with different tools for mark making and various mediums for fun effects

Taking that first step, knowing you are supported, is key to taking the rest of the journey. 

Why are we afraid of the blank canvas? The blank paper? What if nobody was telling you what to to do, or how to do it? Can you allow yourself the space to be a beginner? 

who said I had to produce anything?  

taking shape

the outline

Ahh, background done. Now we paint the outline and allow for the beginning to take shape. 

We will: 


  • select a symbol to paint

  • create an outline on to the canvas

  • gently inquire our thoughts, check inside for anything that we may be resisting, and listen to our inner dialogue. 

  • use our journals to reflect on our questions and answers

it's just you and the canvas.

nobody's watching.

moving through resistance

coloring in

In this next section, we will color in the outline. We are in a judgement-free zone and nobody is telling you how your painting is "supposed to be" or "should be." It is exactly perfect, just as it is. 


We will: 


  • mix our colors and fill in the outlines

  • learn about Unity as a design principle

  • check inside and reflect on our process, any resistance that we feel

  • reflective journaling time

Remember, the process is the point.

There is no right. There is no wrong. 

are you willing to trust your Self ?

creating you

the details

Now we have arrived. The details.  You are creating space in your life for you, just by reaching for your paints and canvas. That in and of itself is a declaration of Sovereignty. 

Nobody is telling you what to paint, if you can paint. 

It's just you, your canvas, your paint, and your brushes. 


We will: 


  • paint the final details and create Unity in the painting

  • mix colors and learn about shading techniques

  • relate painting details to your life, the concepts of starting over, good enough, repeating experiences, decision making, leaving glimpses of what is underneath the layers

  • reflective journaling time


You now have everything you need to use painting as a form of meditation, cultivating the relationship with your True Self as you allow her to simply be. 

There, with you, at the canvas. 


Judgement free. 


The process is the point. 

revel in knowing
you are what you need. 

the journey continues

establish your freedom foundation. what matters to you? get curious and listen to the answers.

learn to paint and practice creativity: tools to help shift your thinking. who are you underneath the noise of life? 

experience painting as a practice in  reclamation of worth. allow yourself to play, to dream. yes, you can.

create a one-of-kind touchstone piece in honor of your journey, affirm the actions you will take and celebrate your new beginning.