underway with



more than a course. 

it's a philosophy. 

exploring 103:

the third in a series

Welcome to the third course in the Break Free four-part series. In this class we will use our personal painting practice to learn how to detach from expectations, release our product-driven mindset, claim possibility, and increase our risk-taking tolerance. 


You will...

...stretch your imagination.

...release your reliance on the external. 

...critically examine "best practices" and "standards." 

...give yourself permission to ask "what if?" 

...give yourself space to ask "who said?" 

...open to the possibility that maybe you are your own best authority.

Liberation and Sovereignty are just around the corner.

four sections in the Exploring curriculum.

thoughtful questions. 

big surprises.

the process

the how and the why. 

In this first section we will meet our tools, the method and the concepts for this course. 

We will: 


  • look at the roles of expectations and outcomes in our lives, and the importance of detachment

  • review how we will use painting and business tools to cultivate detachment

  • reflective journaling and discussion


Strap yourselves in for a very different way of overcoming attachment to product. 


Yes, you can. 

Remember, the process is the point. 

Not the product. 

what if you didn't have to produce something?


knowing you can do it. 


In this second section we will paint our first painting. 

Yes, there are multiple paintings. But how many canvases? 


We will: 


  • review the painting practice (waking and embarking are prerequisites for thsi course). 

  • select our painting prompt. 

  • mix colors and paint our painting. 

  • reflective journaling - how does it change your self-talk when you know you get a "do-over?" can you trust yourself to be able to do it again? 

what if you allowed yourself to learn?


...the thinking of the world

Now that you know the surprise, we will discuss and reflect, supporting each other along the way.


We will: 

  • discuss and reflect on multiple critical questions such as how the thought system of our world, our culture and our society influences our risk-taking and decision making

  • review our values, our daily journey maps and our decision-making behavior through the lens of risk-aversion 

  • discuss and reflect on self-forgiveness and self-worthiness

We will beautifully render our reflections in our journal, knowing we are surrounded by love and light in a nurturing environment. 

what if you allowed for do-overs?


the liberation is in the process

In this final section, we will paint some more. (It's a surprise.) We will learn some more, meditate some more, and share some more. 


We will: 


  • mix our colors and paint some more. 

  • review our paintings and reflect on what we see. 

  • complete a group creativity-workout to uncover anything hiding

  • discuss and reflect in our journals

  • complete a meditation of gratitude and commit to actions incorporating this practice into our lives. 

Celebrate! The process is taking hold. 

Liberation is happening now. 

Reclamation is happening now.

You have landed on the shores of your Sovereignty.

remember, the process is the point. 

you are your own best authority.

the journey continues


the first step in any journey is recognizing the need to take one. here we begin to awaken to an alternate way of looking at the world through practical inquiry and creative exercises.


 here we develop a simple personal painting practice and learn integrative journal techniques to keep us steady in the unknown. 


now we learn how to release our attachment to expectations as all of our ideas of what a “good journey” looks like are jettisoned. we will use our tools to begin calming the seas of our minds by removing our reliance on historical outcomes.


having landed on the shores of sovereignty, we create a new beginning on canvas, weaving in design principles as metaphor for how we will live our new lives