music that inspires me

arrive happy!

eclectic music for fun

Music that gets me in a happy mood. especially useful if you are off to a job that makes you.. umm.. stressed. or a meeting you are a bit.. umm.. nervous about. or if you just need to switch into happiness and get things going! 

on repeat

song I have on repeat lately

so, every once in a while i keep a few songs on repeat, and end up listening to them exclusively on the drive to work, to the grocery store, the book store.... here they are. hold on, it's an eclectic list!

for my soul

when i need to feel my soul

there are songs that moved me through moments of grief, songs that made me share at that exact moment with people i  love. here are a few of my favorites, and they might make you cry. i know they did me.

a few of my favorite things


photo by Heather Hanson

made me think
made me think

words that move me

photo by Heather Hanson

photo by Heather Hanson

photo by Heather Hanson

I have been fortunate in life.

below I share with you art I created during my various travels and life experiences. many have stories, some do not.

some just needed to happen. and so they did.  photography is like breathing to me...

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until I get all of my services set up, this connect form will be the best way to, well, connect. 

Charlotte, North Carolina


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