Embarking 102: Equipping your Self

learn meditative painting & integrative journaling built on inquiry

  • Starts Oct 16
  • 300 US dollars
  • 19725 Oak St #7, Cornelius, NC 28031

Course Description

This class will take place in Cornelius, NC at 7 Oaks, and is the second of four modules in the Break Free - Reclaim your Sovereignty course. This will be an in-person training, limited to 10 individuals. Completion of Waking is recommended. here we develop a simple personal painting practice and learn integrative journal techniques to keep us steady in the unknown.  Life is not paint by numbers, and coloring in the lines is no fun. So let's let that go, shall we? With just four paint colors, a brush, and some paper you will experience the shift in mindset  necessary to claim your freedom, and will support you in releasing all the ways you hold yourself back. Your limiting beliefs, assumptions you didn't even know you had will disappear.  You will... ...learn a simple 4-step personal painting practice you can do anywhere ...learn how to mix colors ...use a unique symbology exercise to select the symbol as subject for painting ...produce your first painting ...learn a "minimum viable product" mindset you can leverage in everyday life with the tools to support By developing these skills you will literally begin to shift your thinking, release judgment, and let go of expectations by confronting and overcoming your fear of a blank canvas.  By removing the dual friction of "I don't know how to paint" and "I shouldn't be spending my time this way," you can focus on the business of getting yourself free.  I will provide all necessary art supplies (please bring your custom bag and journal from the previous class) to ensure a consistent art experience for everyone. With these supplies you will be able to again take home and practice anywhere, so all you need to do is bring yourself, your curiosity, and an open mind. So excited to start this journey with you!

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