Exploring 103: Underway with your Self

release attachments through an innovative "do-over" painting process

  • Starts Nov 6
  • 300 US dollars
  • 19725 Oak St #7, Cornelius, NC 28031

Course Description

This class will take place in Cornelius, NC at Seven Oaks, and is the third of four modules in the Break Free - Reclaim your Sovereignty course. This will be an in-person training, limited to 10 individuals. Completion of Waking and Embarking are recommended as prerequisites, but not required. building on our new toolkit, now we learn how to release our attachment to expectations as all of our ideas of what a “good journey” looks like are jettisoned. we will use our tools to begin calming the seas of our minds by removing our reliance on historical outcomes. In this class you will use your personal painting practice  to learn a new way to detach from expectations, release our product-driven mindset, and claim possibility. What does that mean exactly? By letting go of your reliance on past outcomes to be the predictor of future events, you begin reframing your belief system to allow for something new to occur.  We will stretch your imagination, increase your risk-taking tolerance and give you permission to ask "what could happen if..."  Releasing judgement, reliance on external standards, others' best practices, curated historical data, allows you to experience a freedom which can only come when you embrace the unknown and come to Know your Self. We will use a "do-over" method with paint, canvases, "just-in-time" planning and permission to make this happen. And yes, we can. You can.  Cool, huh?  Let's do it.  I will provide all the art supplies needed in a custom bag for you to take home and practice anywhere, so all you need to do is bring yourself, your curiosity, and an open mind. In addition, I will be providing a boxed lunch, and will send an email asking for food preferences prior. So excited to start this journey with you!

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