space between

hi, i'm heather.

nice to meet you. 

welcome to a different kind of experience, one that can't be labeled or put in a box. one i hope you will find useful, illuminating, and fun. 

the space between. the present moment.


that space between your past experience and the future you dream of.


this is now. and this is where it happens. 

embrace that space.


i hope to share my expertise with you, or your business, and help in any way i can. 

so let's get started. my first question: 

what will you create? 


an invitation to



let's talk. 

think of me as your translator.

fluent in the visual language of marketers, 

the technical language of information technologists,

the heart-centered language of people.

more than philosphy. more than fluff. i have practical, tangible methods and tools to get you where you need to be.


culturally fluent

uniquely qualified to communicate on multiple levels

i've worked as a US Navy helicopter mechanic, a russian linguist in military intelligence, a business analyst on large enterprise software projects, a product marketer of major home appliances, a global vice president of digital marketing, a mother of triplet teenage daughters, an expat living in Japan and Sweden, and a breast cancer survivor. 

i will listen

honestly, i will. specially trained in the art of listening and asking powerful questions. i excel in providing space for you to sit, to ponder. to mentally work through a solution that i promise you already exists inside. give it a try. 

clarity from obscurity

you need someone who can speak to people. who can articulate the obscure in a way that clarifies, who can simplify the complex, who can uncover the essential in the chaos, 

who can help you determine a clear path forward. 

create with me. 

coaching products & services

navigating breast cancer 

career & life transitions:



finding peace where you are

integrating work into life to find your freedom

1:1 coaching

personalized coaching aids

methods & tools

consult with me. 

business consulting products & services

designing employee experiences that empower

building coaching cultures 

teaching compassionate leadership

fueling a growth mindset and a willing, open perspective

measure your employee experience & organization maturity 

build your foundation

set your roadmap

guide your journey

shift your cultural mindset - on purpose - with deliberate strategy & execution


perceive with me

here i present a potentially different way of looking at the world,

for your consideration. 

i invite you to 

perceive with me through my blogs on various topics such as spirituality, health & wellness, raising multiples, compassionate leadership.

from me to you

i'm a lifelong learner. i have collected and shared here a few of my favorite things. please enjoy! 


connect with me

i look forward to hearing from you.


please feel free to send me a note on anything you would like, and i will get back to you as soon as soon as possible.  


until i get all of my services set up, this connect form will be the best way to, well, connect. 

Davidson, North Carolina



mobile: +1-980-585-9915


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