your Sovereignty 

photo by Heather Hanson

hi, I'm Heather

nice to meet you. 

I'm here to help you break free. 

You may fear that this is all there is.


That you did it wrong.

That somehow you missed the bus, the train, the airplane to what is your life.

That even though you followed life’s success checklist, accumulated the accoutrements that should make you happy, you still feel empty.

And then you feel guilty for feeling empty, so you start trying to fix yourself, thinking you must be the problem.

You must have done it wrong. 


But consider this.


That maybe, just maybe, the success list you were given wasn’t the truth. 

That living your life trying to “make it happen” was not the recipe for happiness you were told it was. 

What if there was another way?


What if you could drop the striving and the grasping? 

What if you could live without feeling you had to prescribe and strategize your way to joy? 

What could life be like if we trusted ourselves to have the answers, to be our own best and first authority, to reclaim our agency?

because it doesn't

what if it didn't matter?

because they aren't

what if nobody was looking?

there is another way. 

because you don't

what if you didn't have to?


are you willing to let go of what you know...

you didn't do it wrong.

you are enough.

you can re-imagine your life...

painting by Heather Hanson

...with creativity



yes, you can. 


by developing a purposeful creative practice leveraging collage, painting, mixed media, scribbling - you name it! - you will re-wire your thinking



to an adventure unlike




with gentle self-directed inquiry - looking at our routines, the rules we play by, our "shoulds" - we release ourselves from the relentless, outcome-driven culture in which we live

you didn't miss anything. 



a curated learning experience,

just for you.


the first step in any journey is recognizing the need to take one. here we begin to awaken to an alternate way of looking at the world through practical inquiry and creative exercises.


 here we develop a simple personal painting practice and learn integrative journal techniques to keep us steady in the unknown. 


now we learn how to release our attachment to expectations as all of our ideas of what a “good journey” looks like are jettisoned. we will use our tools to begin calming the seas of our minds by removing our reliance on historical outcomes.


having landed on the shores of sovereignty, we create a new beginning on canvas, weaving in design principles as metaphor for how we will live our new lives  

stop striving. start receiving. today.

shifting perspective

I invite you to 

perceive with me, because sometimes all you need to feel at peace may be an alternate way of looking at things. 

Join me as I explore life through a new window. 

from me to you

I'm a lifelong learner, and have collected and shared here a few of my favorite things. please enjoy! 

photo by Heather Hanson

connect with me

I look forward to hearing from you.


please feel free to send me a note on anything you would like, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  


until I get all of my services set up, this connect form will be the best way to, well, connect. 

Charlotte, North Carolina



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