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it's yours.

time to take it back.
yes, you can.

introduction to soulcollage®

join me in this expressive art practice and journey of self-discovery 

get ready to meet yourself on a whole new level

now booking


join me in the first course of my Break Free series and set your freedom framework for 2022! 

because it's time. 

yes, you can.

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not your average program.

liberate your Self in four courses.


it's time

establish your freedom foundation. what matters to you? get curious and listen to the answers.


equip yourself 

learn to paint and practice creativity: tools to help shift your thinking. who are you underneath the noise of life? 


let's explore

experience painting as a practice in  reclamation of worth. allow yourself to play, to dream. yes, you can.


welcome home

create a one-of-kind touchstone piece in honor of your journey, affirm the actions you will take and celebrate your new beginning.


begin here. let's play.

in this first course, wake up to knowing yourself as your own best authority. begin living life on your terms, identify your "shoulds," the masks you wear,  effectively establish boundaries, and build a practical decision making framework through inquiry, creativity & flow.



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self directed inquiry + marketing tools +
creativity =

freedom framework 


now that you're awake, it's time to rewire your thinking. how? by learning to paint and embracing creativity as a practice. 
no, this isn't an art class.
and you definitely don't have to be an artist. 

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four step painting process + 
your willingness +
judgment-Free zone = 

creative practice you can live with
equipped with new tools, it's time to explore. learn to release expectations and build self-trust as we leverage our creative practice in a unique painting exercise.'s a secret.


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remove product thinking +  
allowing do-overs +
laughter = 

surprising your self


you've worked hard, and deserve a celebration. we now create a single touchstone piece, commit to action and honor our new beginning.
Welcome Home.
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four courses. taken in sequence.
each delivered via
an innovative combination
of coaching and creativity.

say yes

is waiting

isn't it time you met her?
yes, it is.

not enough time for the full program? 

join me for an expressive art practice using soulcollage®

join me for mini-courses in self-reclamation using the expressive art practice of SoulCollage®. A simple, intuitive process designed to uncover personality aspects of Self, understand who they are, and integrate their wisdom into your True Self. A life-changing experience.

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curiosity + creativity + action=


hi, I'm Heather

nice to meet you. 

I'm here to help you break free. 

You may fear that this is all there is.


That you did it wrong.

That somehow you missed the bus, the train, the airplane to what is your life.

That even though you followed life’s success checklist, accumulated the accoutrements that should make you happy, you still feel empty.

And then you feel guilty for feeling empty, so you start trying to fix yourself, thinking you must be the problem.

You must have done it wrong. 


But consider this.


That maybe, just maybe, the success list you were given wasn’t the truth. 

That living your life trying to “make it happen” was not the recipe for happiness you were told it was. 

What if there was another way?


What if you could drop the striving and the grasping? 

What if you could live without feeling you had to prescribe and strategize your way to joy? 

What could life be like if we trusted ourselves to have the answers, to be our own best and first authority, to reclaim our agency?



 of women say their mental

health suffers to the point

of burnout because of

their jobs, all or some of

the time. 

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 because you can 


 it's time to take back your voice.

personal agency is your path out of burnout and back to peace.

break free supports you in reclaiming what's yours.

learn creative practice to build a new way of being.  who am I underneath the mask? the roles I play?

uncover where you give away your authority. what rules do you follow? why? what are your shoulds? where are you not true to you?

honor your self and commit to actions that align to your new way of being in the world.

use creativity and inquiry to excavate limiting beliefs and allow release of expectations.

your "shoulds."





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inquiry +  
creativity +
action = 

experiencing your self

join me.
in person.

for the program of a lifetime
in asheville, n.c.

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 stop handing over your authority. 
be. live. breathe in your knowing. 

not another... 
...paint and sip. 
...owl painting. 
...thing on your to do list.

there is another way.
find it.

free your self.
you're the only one who can.

isn't it time we met?
yes, it is.

Image by Aaron Burden

experience your reclamation

meet me in my brand-new studio in
river arts district.

opening soon!


are you willing?