space between

photo by Heather Hanson


hi, I'm Heather.

nice to meet you. 

I navigate transitions, and am expert in finding a clear path through the unknown.


when change happens, knowing you're armed with what you need provides the peace of mind to forge ahead.


whether you're an individual moving through a life transition, or a company undergoing a major business transformation, I can help.


diving into uncertainty with a trusted guide can make the difference between recognizing the potential before you or allowing fear to paralyze you with indecision.


learning to embrace the present -  that space between your future and your past -  is what it's all about.


with the right tools, methods and support, you will see an opportunity to create, instead of a challenge to be feared.


it can happen in a split-second, that shift in mindset. that change in perspective.


it would be my honor to guide you in learning to embrace the space between.

what will you create? 

consider the possibility

photo by Heather Hanson

...that you are

a thought away from freedom 

...that curiousity is your greatest asset

photo by Heather Hanson

photo by Heather Hanson

...that willingness is all you need to change your life




let's explore the possibilities together

think of me as your coach. teacher. mentor. guide. advocate. 

together we can uncover the life you were born to live

your truth.


on your terms, according to your values.

no apology necessary.

life transitions

intuitive guidance

compassionate leadership

coaching cultures

uniquely qualified to help you move from here to there. 

navigating breast cancer, integrating work-life, finding peace where you are

learning to recognize your intuition and become comfortable with guidance from your heart

at work or home, teaching what it means to move past empathy to action with compassion

helping businesses to shift mindset towards openness & curiosity

geared towards business, focusing on developing coaching cultures and heart-centered leadership.

depending on your needs

more than theory. more than fluff.

I have practical, tangible methods and tools to get you where you need to be.

designed for individuals or small groups, we explore your dreams, identify goals and work to get you there. 


shifting perspective

what if there was a different way of seeing that could change your life?


I invite you to 

perceive with me through my blogs on various topics such as spirituality, health & wellness, raising multiples, compassionate leadership.


from me to you

I'm a lifelong learner, and have collected and shared here a few of my favorite things. please enjoy! 

photo by Heather Hanson

get inspired

let's connect on facebook for more sharing and inspiration, as I share my adventures in learning and life

connect with me

I look forward to hearing from you.


please feel free to send me a note on anything you would like, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  


until I get all of my services set up, this connect form will be the best way to, well, connect. 

Charlotte, North Carolina




+1-877-428-2289 (toll-free)


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